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We believe the healthcare you receive should be personalised to you. Answer a few questions about your lifestyle, medical history and anything you want to share with our prescribing team to determine your eligibility for Juniper's Weight Reset Programme. Your data is confidential under GDPR legislation, and unlike other online weight clinics, Juniper is certified by the International Security Organisation (ISO27001).

Take the quiz

Prescribers assess your eligibility

Once you've taken the quiz, one of our GPhC-registered prescribers will review your answers. They will reach out with any follow-up questions, and you will upload images for the prescriber to determine your eligibility for the programme.

Prescribers assess your eligibility

Treatment delivered to your doorstep

Your personalised treatment plan is express-shipped to your door, with easy-to-follow instructions for starting at home. Your Welcome Kit includes medication, free digital scales, and booklets for getting started on the programme.

Treatment delivered to your doorstep

Download the app and start your weight loss journey

Connect to your health coach via the award-winning Juniper app, where you can track your weight, recipe ideas, and milestones all in one. We’re with you every step of the way. Together, we’ll help you build habits for long-term success.

Download the app and start your weight loss journey
Full refund if you are ineligible. Terms
Trusted by 13,000 women in the UK
Free cancellation anytime
Full refund if you are ineligible. Terms
Trusted by 13,000 women in the UK
Free cancellation anytime

How much does Juniper cost?

People on the The Weight Reset Programme see better results than with medication alone

Monthly price:
Up to 0.5mg
1 mg

What’s included in The Weight Reset Programme?

Wegovy (available in all strengths)
Recurring dietitian or nutritionist consults (normally £60-£120/hr)
Unlimited prescriber consults (no in-person visits to a GP required)
Free express delivery (no pharmacy pick-ups needed)
Step-by-step coaching course tailored to you (no cookie-cutter regime)

What's included in the Weight Reset Programme

We're 100% online so you can skip pharmacy pick-ups and GP visits

Unlimited prescriber consults
Prescription medication
Private Facebook community
No lock-in contracts
Free home delivery
Coaching course via Juniper app

How does Juniper compare to medication alone?

Medication alone
Clinically-proven medication
Unlimited prescriber consults
1:1 Dietitian-led health coaching
App-based course that evolves with your goals
100% online, no queues or waiting rooms
Free, discreet, express delivery to your door
Supportive online community of patients
5-minute quiz to check eligibility
Medication alone

Does Juniper work for everyone?

11kg in 3 months
“Juniper's just given me my confidence back. That's what my friends are saying, “You've got your smile back, you've got your sparkle back,” which I know I'd lost.”
20kg in 5 months
“My menopause had come to an end, I just couldn't lose any weight. I thought, ‘I'm 55 years old, is this me for the rest of my life?’”
9.5kg in 4 months
“My weight would always impact on my sleep apnoea. Since Juniper , I really see the difference.”

Meet your support team

Designed and supported by a specialist team of endocrinologists, 
pharmacists, dietitians, and nutritionists.

Dr Matt Vickers
Medical Director & GP

Kevin Joshua
Lead Pharmacist

Catherine Bell
Health Coach Lead & Dietitian

MSc (Nutri&Diet), PGDip Nutrition, BA Psychology
Kayla Baradel
Clinical Support Specialist

BSc (Nursing)
Jay Springate
Health Coach & Dietitian

MSc Human Life Sciences, BSc (MDiet&Nutr)
Fiona Power
Health Coach & Nutritionist

BSc, ANutr
Georgia Smit
Health Coach & Dietitian

BSc (MDiet&Nutr)
Alessia Grandino
Health Coach & Nutritionist

MSc Eating Disorders & Clinical Nutrition, BSc Nutr
Nick Baume
Juniper Community Manager


Isn’t the medication enough, why do I need Juniper’s programme?

Weight loss is unsustainable without strength maintenance. In fact, losing weight without maintaining muscle mass can contribute to loss of muscle mass, slower metabolism, and even weight regain, which could make you metabolically fatter, even if you’re lighter. So Juniper prioritises maintaining muscle on GLP-1 medication through a high-protein diet and strength training with the support of a health coach.

What makes Juniper different from just taking medication alone?

We believe that successfully keeping weight off is just as important as losing it in the first place.

That’s why we provide a holistic programme which focuses on three important areas:

1. The science of strength: we use the latest available research into nutrition, exercise, and the newest weight loss medication which targets the receptors in the brain that control your appetite. The medication works to lower your body’s ‘set point’, which is the weight it fights to maintain at a biological level. While this kickstarts your weight loss, lifestyle changes can help you maintain it.

2. Strength at any stage: our clinicians, health coaches and community supports you every step of the way. During the course of our programme you’ll learn sustainable nutritional, exercise and lifestyle choices, tracking your progress to help you form long term habits that stick. This will not only help you lose weight, but keep it off for good.

3. Strength in numbers: Research has shown that people in group communities achieve greater weight loss than those who do it alone. That’s why we’re here – we’re dedicated to helping women to make lifestyle changes that are often difficult to achieve on their own.

How does the Weight Reset Programme work?

Juniper’s WeightProgramme combines clinically-proven medication with a high-protein diet, strength training, guidance from your health coach, and a community of other patients on the programme to support your weight loss journey.

To find out of you are eligible, you will have to complete a consultation with one of our Juniper prescribers. This is to ensure a qualified medical professional discusses all the options available to you before you make any decisions regarding medical treatments.

How soon will I see results on Juniper?

Results vary from person to person. Whilst every weight loss journey is different, over 92% of Juniper patients saw results in the first month, with more than 25% of them noticing results in the first week*

In clinical trials of the medication Juniper prescribes, more than 85% of participants lost 5% of their body weight, nearly 70% achieved a 10% weight loss, 50% achieved a 15% weight loss, and just under a third achieved a 20% weight loss in 68 weeks.

With optimisations to meals and movement, you’ll be supported every step of the way by your prescriber, your health coach, and of course, your community.

*based on the Juniper Lifestyle Survey of 215 current patients, February 2023.

How do I know if Juniper is right for me?

To find out of you are eligible, you will have to complete a consultation with one of our Juniper prescribers. This is to ensure a qualified medical professional discusses all the options available to you before you make any decisions regarding medical treatments. If you are deemed ineligible by our prescribing team, you will be fully refunded.

If I’m eligible for weight loss surgery, can I use Juniper?

Your clinician will go through your full medical history in order to assess your eligibility for the programme. A number of factors are considered when assessing your eligibility. This includes BMI, and can vary based on family background and comorbidities.

In 2023, The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) released guidance for adults to use weight loss medication if they are with a specialist weight management service with a BMI of at least 35 and with at least one weight-related condition, and exceptionally, to people with a BMI of 30 to 34.9.

I’d like to know more about the clinicians

Our clinicians are registered in the United Kingdom with the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) and each hold accredited pharmacist independent prescribing qualifications. As registrants of the GPhC, they’re committed to ongoing quality improvement and continuing professional development activities each year to maintain this registration.

Additionally, the treatment protocols and processes have been developed under the guidance of our Clinical Team of doctors, nurses, and pharmacists.

All of our clinicians have a passion for women’s health and weight care, and take a holistic, patient-centred and relationship-based approach with their patients.

How does the medication work?

The GLP-1 medications prescribed by Juniper clinicians have been approved by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) for weight management in the UK, and are commonly prescribed by GPs and local pharmacies to treat weight.

In a 2021 study on the effects of this medication, at 68 weeks, 69.1% of participants had lost more than 10% of body weight, and 50.5% had lost more than 15%. The average weight loss after 68 weeks is 14.9%, and one in three participants lost at least 20% of body weight.

Why do we have limited spots?

Unlike other providers, we focus on care that’s consistent. Our priority is to carefully manage our medication supply and the number of patients we serve. This means you can be confident knowing we are working hard to provide a consistent supply of medication when you sign up to Juniper. For this reason we are only accepting a certain amount of patients in December, and positions are likely to fill up quickly.

Am I locked into a subscription?

If Juniper isn't right for you at the moment, you can cancel anytime. In your Juniper profile you can also pause your treatment if you're taking a break and wish to return to the programme later.

Is Wegovy available on the NHS?

The UK’s National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) approved Wegovy for weight management in the UK in March 2023 for those with a body mass index (BMI) of over 35.

As mentioned in the release, the NICE committee will need to consider the cost of the programme and the amount of taxpayer money they are able to fund the programme, hence it will not be available to everyone that is eligible to be prescribed the medication.

To access Wegovy through the NHS, you will need a referral to an NHS specialist weight management service and complete the wait times to see if you are eligible.

However, if you are not eligible to claim Wegovy on the NHS, it will still be available from pharmacies depending on stock certainty. This means that many chemists and high street pharmacies won't be able to provide the drug as a part of a programme of wider support.

If you find that you're not eligible for Wegovy on the NHS, it's important to access healthcare professionals so that you can ensure your weight loss is successful and sustainable.

How does pricing on Juniper work?

Our Weight Reset Programme includes breakthrough medical treatments delivered to your door, one-to-one dietitian support, access to a structured online course designed to support people on weight-loss medication, unlimited clinical consultations with pharmacists, digital scales, precision weight tracking, and access to our supportive and like-minded Juniper community.

The Weight Reset Programme ranges from £229 to £329 per month depending on which treatment plan is best suited to the patient. Start a consultation to find a treatment plan that's best suited to you.

We know Juniper is an investment in your health. But unlike other weight loss methods, our pricing reflects the additional benefits our patients receive – all of which can lead to greater weight loss outcomes over time.

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