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Can anyone access the Juniper app?
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The Juniper app is available to current patients on the Weight Reset Programme. To see if you’re eligible for the program, take the quiz here

What are the features of the Juniper app?
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Juniper’s app is your go-to for weight loss support. The app includes weight tracking with Bluetooth connectivity, educational content developed by qualified doctors, nurses, and dietitians, plus information on your treatment status, medication refills, and letters from your doctor and pharmacy.

How can the app support my weight loss journey?
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Juniper’s app is designed to support our members at every stage of their health journey. Track your progress, connect to our medical team for extra support, learn from content designed by our team of dietitians, nurses, pharmacists and doctors, and access all your treatment information at the touch of a button.

Is the app free?
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Yes! The Juniper app is free for all members of our Weight Reset Program.