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Accessing weight loss medications: Comparing Juniper vs NHS

What can you expect in terms of process, waiting times and results?

Accessing Weight Loss Medications: Juniper vs NHS | Juniper

Did you know that nearly 64% of Brits may qualify for medical weight loss [1]?

But between specialist referrals, long waiting lists and higher BMI requirements, getting access to weight loss medications through the NHS isn’t exactly a breeze. And with warnings coming straight from the NHS about supply issues being expected to continue until 2025 – it doesn’t look like things are going to get any easier [2].

Enter, Juniper’s Weight Reset Programme.

Created to make your weight loss journey easier, this programme has helped over 14,000 women in the UK reach their weight goals and become the healthiest, most confident version of themselves.

So, how does Juniper compare to the NHS? What can you expect in terms of process, waiting times and results? Let’s dive into it.

How can I get access to weight loss medications through NHS?

In order to access weight loss medications through the NHS, you will need a referral to an NHS specialist weight management service (which means you need to see your GP first). Plus, you’ll need to complete the waiting times to confirm if you are eligible.

At the moment, the waiting list for NHS prescriptions is about 2 years – which for some people is simply too long. But there is a solution.

How is Juniper different?

With Juniper’s Weight Reset Programme, you don’t have to wait years to kickstart your weight loss journey. 

To give you an idea, here’s what you can expect in your first month with us:


The first step in your Juniper weight loss journey is to complete an online consultation quiz and pay for your first month with us.

You’ll choose a date to have a call with one of our team members, who can talk you through any questions you may have, whether that’s about the weight loss medications we use or the health coaching component.

Week 1

Week 1 is your official Juniper kick-off.

This is when you’ll complete your online consultation with one of our prescribers, who will confirm whether or not you are eligible for our weight loss medications.

Should you be deemed ineligible (or should you simply change your mind), you’ll receive a full refund of the payment you initially made.

If on the other hand, you are eligible and happy to proceed, you’ll get access to your personalised strength and nutrition programme through the Juniper app, as well as on-demand support from our experienced team, including health coaches, dietitians and medical support specialists.

And of course, you’ll receive your first medication delivery straight to your door!

Week 4

By week 4, you’ll have had the chance to really get into the programme, understand how your body responds to your prescribed medication, and work with our health coaches to improve your lifestyle. 

You should feel comfortable administering your treatment (although we’re always one call or text away) and notice the food noise quiet, as your exercise, sleeping and eating habits improve.

Excitingly, you should start to see and feel the early signs of weight loss and tick off lifestyle and weight goals in our app — both of which will make you feel more motivated than ever before.

What results can I expect with Juniper?

At Juniper, we offer two medication options: Wegovy and Mounjaro

Studies on the effectiveness of Wegovy found that most people can expect to lose about 15% of body weight in 68 weeks; while research on Mounjaro suggests an average of 19.5% body weight loss after 52 weeks [3][4].

Of course, these expected results will be the same whether you get them through the NHS or Juniper.

What makes us different is our holistic, multi-tiered and long-term approach to weight management.

We believe that successfully keeping weight off (even after you stop taking your medication) is just as important as losing it in the first place, so we provide a holistic programme that focuses on 3 key areas:

  • The science of strength. We use the latest available research into nutrition, exercise, and the newest weight loss drugs. After all, while medication kickstarts your weight loss, it’s the lifestyle changes that help you maintain it.
  • Strength at any stage. 1:1 support is a big component of our programme, and our clinicians and health coaches will be by your side every step of the way. You’ll learn sustainable nutritional, exercise and lifestyle choices, tracking your progress to help you form long-term habits you can stick to.
  • Strength in numbers. Research has shown that people in group communities achieve greater weight loss than those who do it alone. With Juniper, you get access to a private community of women who are on the same journey as you.

The results speak for themselves, and so do our Juniper stories and testimonials.